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Based in the United States, Europa Pictures evolved from its roots in movie production to being the leading producer of iPhone trivia and strategy games!

From Zombie invasions to a realistic quest for the White House, Europa Pictures has a fun-packed game for you!

We develop games we love to play ... and we know you'll love them too!

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The romance and cozy feel of old-fashioned postcards meet your iPhone in this very special holiday treat! Always know the number of days to major holidays - and up to two special days important to you!

Each major holiday includes a slide show of old-fashioned postcards to soothe and please your eyes.

There is room for two holidays unique to you - your anniversary, your spouse's birthday and so on.

As an extra treat you can associate any photo in your library or one you take on the spot with the custom holidays.

Celebrate the season in style this season with this touch of holiday spirit for your iPhone!

The iTrivia craze is sweeping the iPhone! Get in on the action with over 2,500 super-charged, mind-bending questions in popular categories, including movies, TV, sports, world and more!

Take the iTrivia Challenge ... with the widest variety of categories and fun ... unique questions to twist your brain.

Compete with yourself, your friends and the whole iPhone universe, with the Top List on your iPhone and the optional iTrivia top list on the web. Climb the ladder of iTrivia Success!

FREE updates as time passes, so you have nothing to lose by buying now! iTrivia is your best iPhone choice!

The spirit of Christmas and of giving is one of the most meaningful experiences of a child's life, and makes us feel nostalgic when we are adults.

But how much do you really know about the holiday? Take this fun Christmas Trivia challenge and find out!

You can save your high scores and view the Internet's best Christmas Trivia experts in the Hall of Santas! How close can you get to that ever-elusive top score?

How can you resist the Christmas Trivia Challenge? Take it today!

A group of us go caroling every year, and we thought, "Why not make a Christmas trivia game about our favorite songs?" And so Christmas Music Trivia was born!

We hope you will enjoy this delightful trivia game about your favorite songs and carols. We listened to our Christmas favorites for many happy hours while developing this game, so you can share in our joy and passion for the season!

Happy Christmas to you, and to you a good night!

Bible Trivia blesses the world of the iPhone with faith based super-charged categories, including: Books, People, Time Lines, Prophets, Revelations, Life of Jesus, World, Statistics, and New Testament.

Take the Bible Trivia challenge...with the holiest of categories...unique questions to test your Bible knowledge.

Compete with yourself, your friends, the iPhone universe and the heavens above, with the Saintly Top List on your iPhone and the optional Saint List on the web.

Best of all, we want everyone to try it at $4.99, you have nothing to lose but a prayer.

FREE updates as time heads toward Armageddon, so you have nothing to lose by buying now! Bible Trivia: The Saints are waiting.

Revelation asks questions about the End Times Prophecy of the Book of Revelations. It can serve as a study guide, since it includes chapter and verse citations for all questions.

Compete with yourself, your friends, the iPhone universe and the heavens above, with the Saintly Top List on your iPhone and the optional Saint List on the web.

Best of all, we want everyone to try it. At $2.99, you have nothing to lose but a prayer.

FREE updates as time heads toward Armageddon, so you have nothing to lose by buying now! Revelation: The Pale Horse is waiting.

Please also see our other popular games, including Bible Trivia!

From birth to death to his ressurection and eventual triumph, how much do you know about Jesus Christ and his life on earth?

This quiz shows you the Jesus you may not know ... from the simplest facts to the most intriguing plot twists in a fascinating life!

You can take the challenge and join the Hall of Disciples, if you dare compete with your fellow students!

At $2.99 you have little to lose and knowledge about one of religion's most beloved figures to gain!

Have you ever wanted to act in your own personal zombie movie? Here's your chance!

All the elements are here - relentlessly advancing zombies, starving for human flesh, people to save, and even bats to pick off!

Kill the zombies and bats, save the people, and advance through the ranks! (100,000 points makes you a General!)

So how do you participate in this adventure?

Hit a zombie's head and he will be injured. He may take more than one hit to kill.

Tap anywhere on a person's body and he will switch direction and flee the zombies.

Tap a bat and he will drop dead right before your eyes!

Get involved in this exciting, fast-paced game. Become a Zombie Hunter today!

From the dawn of time to today's headlines, the UFO phenomenon has a long and rich history. You can now become a UFO Hunter. The truth is out there and you are uniquely positioned to assist in this historic adventure. Impact the world with your UFO sightings .

You are standing in an open field, you pull out your iPhone and launch UFO Hunter, you tap "Search" button and right before your eyes are all the historic sightings reported in your area. Suddenly you look up and see something, what is it - you decided to take a picture and as you set your iPhone photo it's clear the evidence is now undisputable - it's a UFO. Excited, you decided to "Report" your findings on UFO Hunter and your journey begins...

With all the tools at your fingertips you can search UFO's anywhere you take your iPhone, discover UFO history, learn about UFOs, watch videos and decided for yourself if they are real for the truth is out there!

Now get busy and start looking for UFOs and report them to UFO Hunter Headquarters.

How much do you know about yourself?

This assortment of fun, educational questions about yourself, your body and your life will entertain, educate and enlighten you!

Learn about yourself, and optionally compete in the Hall of the Enlightened for the best high score!

This devilishly tricky trivia quiz is about Einstein, his life and work. Can you puzzle out the mysteries of chemicals, reactions and the universe? How much do you know about the life and work of a genius?

Challenge your knowledge of Einstein himself as well as the chemistry and physics that he loved ... and learn interesting facts about the colorful character who was Albert Einstein!

NFL Trivia is not just another trivia game -- you actually play football by answering questions!

Each round is five minutes of play.

A correct answer advances your position on the field; an incorrect answer subtracts yardage.

When you answer a question, you get a timeout until you move on to the next.

When you get a touchdown, the crowd roars and you get six points!

When your opponent gets a touchdown, the crowd boos and they get six points!

Take the NFL Trivia challenge today!

From campaigns and their candidates to Presidents and their mistresses. This compelling political trivia game has you pulling all the levers and punching all the chads!

You can't enlist ACORN to cheat on this challenging political game ... Politics is hot this season and so is iTrivia Politics!

Cast your ballot now for this compelling political trivia challenge!

Take the film trivia challenge with unique questions on an eclectic mix of films, from Casablanca and early horror films to the latest future releases!

Compete with your fellow players in the Hall of Directors and watch your scores soar!

Take the Film Trivia Challenge ... for just $4.99 you have nothing to lose and film knowledge to gain!

Emmy to Envy, TV Trivia is the best trivia game for any television couch potato. Addams' Family to Zany employees from a dysfunctional radio station. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated into TV Trivia!

Compete with yourself, your friends and the whole iPhone Universe, with the top couch potato list on your iPhone and the optional TV Director list on the web. Climb the list of success!

Best value for any TV Trivia player - for only $4.99 with free updates as the channel changes. Put down the remote and get in on the action with TV Trivia. Take the TV Treivia challenge ... with the widest variety of questions from your favorite shows!

Can your iPhone help get you elected President? This fun and educational new game says, "Of course!"

Take the role of Barack Obama, John McCain or Hillary Clinton for an intensely challenging entry into the world of hardball politics. Respond to news events, speak at rallies, raise money and buy advertising - it's all here!

With its realistic modeling based on real-world data, iPhone to the White House crackles with authenticity.

Splitting the campaign into eight weekly turns, iPhone to the White House is easy to play...but difficult to master. With tough scenarios featuring today's's the game to beat!

Don't miss out...get on the path to the!

Do you want to visit a haunted house this Halloween? HauntFinder, now powered by, finds the best haunts near you!

It's a haunted house directory in your pocket ... showing haunted attractions big and small within 200 miles of your current location ... with web links and driving directions. Our new association with ensures that updates to our nationwide USA haunted house listings will be free and frequent as Halloween approaches.

Haunted attractions vary from eccentric to piss your pants scary, so viewer discretion is advised. There are no gory images in HauntFinder itself, but some of the listed haunts are extreme.

HauntFinder is brought to you by Europa Pictures, creators of Monongahela, PA's legendary Demon House. Happy Haunting!